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Healthcare: New Tomography Facilities Arriving in Huatulco 

by Brent May


Tomography is a funny word but a very important one to those of us who value this amazing diagnostic tool. 

Our climate and environment in Huatulco is well known to be extremely beneficial to your health but we also want it to be known that we have excellent doctors, clinics and laboratories. Our medical facilities are modern and offer nearly any specialty you can think of. 


What is tomography?

Before we talk about the specifics, what is tomography? And what is it used for? 

Tomography is a technique for viewing the cross section of something. A way to see the inside of a person or other solid object. It allows a person to visualize things that are otherwise hidden from view. Besides humans, it is used in geography to see underground. 

More specifically though, CT or computed tomography allows a doctor to use special equipment to create images of the organs and bones inside the human body. The initials CAT stand for computerized axial tomography… another word for the same process.  


How is the scan taken?

If you have never had a CT or CAT scan, you lay on a narrow table. It will move your body feet first through what looks like a huge donut. You are not enclosed in it. So, if you are claustrophobic, do not worry. Inside that donut are special X-rays that make cross sectional images of your body.  

A diagnostician will move your body to the specific place they want to examine. The scanner will produce pictures – looking at the bones and other organs for unusual things. Or just to make sure everything is in the right place and normal. 

After the diagnostician finishes, they will send the images to the doctor. This is most likely done digitally so it is a very fast process and usually gets you results the same day. 

The length of time and cost depend on what your doctor needs to examine and how many images. But it is usually quick and at a very reasonable price, especially compared to up north.

There is a CAT scan in Pochutla with Dr. Saavedra in La Clinica de La Colorada.  And, new medical facilities are springing up in the towns along our Pacific Coast in Oaxaca.  

Two clinics in Huatulco, Oromed and Clinica San Miguel are both very close to receiving their tomography equipment. They let us know they should receive it by end August 2021. The imaging specialist and doctor in charge of this at Oromed is Dr. Tomas Dominguez Malpica. 

Where will you find tomography facilities in Huatulco?

Two clinics that are soon receiving tomography machines are : 

Clinica Hospitalaria San Miguel –  They have a full list of their specialties on their Facebook page and at their website. I found that they responded within minutes to a message I sent and the person I talked with was very helpful. 



Clínica de especialidades Oromed Huatulco –  Dr Malpica is the Imaging Specialist at their clinic. They are also a full-service clinic with nearly any specialty that you might need. Their Facebook page and website are available in English and response is very quick. 



Both clinics have English-speaking staff. I had no problem communicating with them and they are both very attentive to their patients. 

So… the bottom line is that Bahías de Huatulco and the Oaxacan Coast is a wonderful place to visit, live and stay healthy!  


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