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Playa Tijera

by Brent May


Playa Tijera is a haven for anyone who loves to snorkel. One of the best snorkeling beaches in the Puerto Angel – Pochutla area, this beach juts out to a large, beautiful island-like rock formation. It is a small beach with little shade, but breathtaking surroundings. Backdropped with high cliffs, the clear waters give way to rocks and some reef. You can see a wide variety of marine wildlife as you swim around this truly, authentic and wild Oaxacan beach.

La Tijera is bit off the grid but a definite must see. You can visit by land or by sea. The beach can be accessed by heading toward Huatulco as you leave Pochutla. You’ll find a dirt road turn off on the right about 1 kilometer from Pochutla’s main intersection on Highway 200. Go through the community of ‘El Vigia’ and then through the jungle towards the coast for another 8 kilometers. To arrive by sea you can leave from Puerto Angel’s ‘Playa Panteón’ where you can find boats or ‘lanchas’ that offer tours of the surrounding beaches, including Tijera.

There is a small area for parking but besides that the beach is completely virgin. We recommend taking a parasol to shield yourself from the sun, snorkel gear, plenty of water, a stocked cooler and a picnic lunch to enjoy on the white sand. It is a great day trip to disconnect, relax and take in the beauty of the Oaxacan coast.

This unique beach gets its name from a bird: Tijereta de mar. “La Tijera” has a distinctive scissor-shaped tail. These birds abound at the beach and you can always see them flying above enjoying the sun.

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