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What Bayside’s Real Estate Agents Wish Buyers Knew About the Buying Process in Mexico – Part 1

by Brent May


We are often asked what the top pieces of advice are for those looking to buy property in Mexico. We cover lots of topics in our “How To” Guide for Owning Mexico and you’ll find everything from How to Finance Your New Home in Mexico to How To Get Your Mexican Visa.

We’ve asked our agents what they wish people knew about the buying process. In this article, Kevin Knochel, our agent in Puerto Escondido, shares what he wishes buyers knew.


Meet Kevin Knochel, our Bayside agent in Puerto Escondido

Kevin was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and studied Spanish language, translation and anthropology. He traveled extensively throughout Mexico and after living and working in Texas and Spain, life brought him to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He began working as a Spanish teacher and managing family-owned hotels. He eventually got involved in the family real estate business back in 2016.

Kevin loves what he does and has now been with Bayside Puerto Escondido for 2 years and has been a great asset in expanding Bayside’s horizons along the coast. Since Kevin has travelled extensively throughout the globe and is an expert in understanding the needs of clients from all over the world.


What Kevin Wishes Buyers Knew

Kevin wishes buyers knew that it really benefits them to work with a dedicated agent.

Each agency in Mexico has exclusive listings. This is different from the U.S. or Canada where listings run through a centralized MLS. A Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a tool used by brokers to list offerings making them more widely available to cooperative brokers.

Agents in Mexico collaborate in a relatively unconfined system. Although listings are exclusive to agencies, any agent from any company can represent any client. Agents contact other agents directly. So when a client can focus their attention to building a good relationship with their agent, their agent in turn can provide more personalized and dedicated effort in meeting their clients’ needs and finding just the right fit.

For example, if a client lets their agent know about properties listed with another company, their agent can reach out directly to the other company and pare down their client’s list according to their clients’ needs. At the same time, the agent can gather more information on newly listed or soon-to-be-listed properties that could become their client’s dream home. This whole process furthers the client/agent conversation about what exactly the client will be happy with.


How To Find Just the Right Agent

When looking for your real estate agent, we recommend doing your research up front. A good agent is going to make the process easier for you. Interview agents. Request references and talk to former clients about their experience. Find the agent who prioritizes your needs as a buyer and who you feel is going to get you the best home possible for the best price possible.

In the end, shopping through various agents disperses attention and effort on all sides. Since any agent can represent any agency, it literally pays in time and energy to choose an agent who you can communicate well with, who really knows the local market and who you feel good with.

As long-time agents, we know that having market experts in your corner is  always the best way to save money in the long run.

Our job is to share EVERYTHING regarding purchase options and the sale itself so that clients can engage in the power of choice when it comes to purchasing property in Mexico. 

If you’re ready to know more about our agents at Bayside, give us a call or send a message and we’ll get the conversation started!


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